electric smart window tinting A recent survey by the International Window Film Association revealed that more than two-thirds of the adult U.S. population believes that being inside keeps their skin from being damaged by the sun. While there may be some level of truth to this, it’s not entirely accurate. You would have to have your windows blocked, keeping out all streams of UV light, in order for this to be the case. However, most people enjoy having their blinds or windows open to let in some daylight or fresh air. UV rays can still reach you inside your home. It is still possible that damage can be done to your skin when you are inside. This is why electric smart window tinting is a wise update to make to your windows. Their automatic window tints offer you next-level skin protection, even when you have your curtains open.

Protection Against UV Rays

Electric smart window tinting allows you to achieve a dimmable tint with the touch of a button. This means that you any time you want to block out more sun or have more privacy, you can do in seconds. When you activate the frosted tint on your windows, light still gets through, but smart window film can block out nearly all UVA radiation. This means that you can still enjoy daylight without exposing your skin to harmful rays. With a remote controlled window tint, you can protect yourself at all times with ease. It’s simpler than having to close your blinds and curtains while still producing the same effect.

How to Make the Switch

If you are concerned about UV rays getting into your home and you would like added protection, you can reach out to your local window installer for help. You can give them a call and provide the dimensions and number of windows you want to have converted to receive a quote. You can also have someone come out and assess your windows for you. Once you have a quote and are ready to proceed with the process, it’s as simple as setting a date and letting the installation take place. You can have safer windows in no time and protect your skin from harmful rays.