Enjoy Privacy On Demand® with smart Window Tint

Smart Window Tint: The Secret to  Privacy On Demand®

Sun glare. Fluctuating temperatures. Lack of privacy. These are just some of the problems that PDLC Film can solve. 

What is PDLC Film?

PDLC Film, often referred to as “Smart Window Tint” or “Electronic Window Tint or Film” gives anyone the flexibility of enjoying an unobstructed view of the outside world or workplace and having complete privacy in an instant, truly Privacy On Demand®. PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. In short, PDLC Film is liquid crystal sandwiched between two layers of film and when electricity is applied it switches from it’s frosted state to clear, revealing the world behind it. 

With just a flip of the switch, a click of a button, or even a voice command, PDLC Film offered by MHDT can switch your window or wall of glass from clear to opaque or into a gorgeous frosted design. Not only is this amazing product a great alternative to standard window treatments, but it is also one of the best ways to reduce light glare and offer increased levels of privacy. This makes it the perfect option for the home or the workplace.

MHDT knows that your home and office should be comfortable. With innovation and style, it’s no wonder smart window tint is continuing to increase in popularity. If you no longer want to deal with the hassles of regular window treatments (blinds, drapery, etc), and want nothing but the highest quality film available on the market with the best clarity, widest width available, best adhesive, and an industry best 4 year warranty*, rely on PDLC Films offered by MHDT today.

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Following a long day’s work, you deserve to come home to a place that feels safe and secure. When you’re looking for peace of mind, investing in electronic window tint from MHDT can give your family the privacy it craves at the touch of a button. In an instant, our smart window tint can change your windows from transparent to opaque.


Glass offices and conference rooms promote an open culture in the workplace.  However, there are times when you need to have a confidential meeting with potential clients, display or review confidential and sensitive material, or have private discussions with personnel.  In under a second, our smart window tint can help you achieve that privacy when it’s needed.

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